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RAKDOK FLORAL WEEK(S) @ HauTakhe Old Market, Lat Krabang Soi 17 Huahin

RAKDOK FLORAL WEEK(S) | First Smile in Unusual Spring held between 4 July - 4 August 2020 From 10.00 am - 06.00 pm Everyday at HauTakhe Old Market, Lat Krabang Soi 17, Parking at Parking Space the end of Lat Krabang Soi 17 Huahin then left turn with parking fee.

“RakDok FloralWeek(s) l First Smile in Unusual Spring” is a floral project created by RakDok, an edutainment website by Rainforest The Wedding and collaborated brands work closely with the partners and HauTakhe Old Market Community. Since the crisis COVID-19, the pandemic started, lots of people and businesses have been troubled with new normal lifestyles. Of course, Rainforest (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and all related brands also got a great impact from this crisis as well.

It’s time to confront the crisis consciously and carefully to keep our daily life moving happily. RakDok Floral Weeks is formed by accidentally reunion of an old friend who were suffering from COVID-19. Cafe’ aux Fleurs, a little coffee shop in HauTakhe Old Market opened by a laid off employee, with limited used of flowers in the cafe’ where the name of the coffee shop lead imagination to see lots of flowers.

That’s a tiny started point for big bloom project that painted the whole community of HauTakhe become vivid with a ton of Flowers. If you love to know the whole stary drop by and ask the community how this project happen. You may get or never get any answer, you never know. But we are sure, you will have a quality time here.

These are all 12 photogenic location you shouldn’t miss. We look forward to greet you there with our biggest smile and get ready to fight this crisis positively together.

Supporters :
  • Rainforest (Thailand) Company Limited
  • Rainforest The Wedding
  • Rainforest Thailand
  • Rainforest Venues
  • Bellery Glasshouse
  • Fleur by Rainforest
  • LANE for LESS
  • Joe Rainforest
  • Rain by Rain
  • Rain Rental
  • Café aux fleurs
  • At Press
  • 274Color Platte
  • Flower Land Kunming
  • Rongrahat-aframe
  • Si Yaek Huatakhe Cafe & Guesthouse
  • Baan Suan Ampond Residence
  • Niralai

Source : facebook @ RakDokChannel